Friday, June 3, 2011


Quick Plot Run Through.......

Eve Duncan world class forensic sculpter is on a journey to find her daughter Bonnie's killer.  She has exaughsted almost every avenue in past stories.  Serial killer Paul Black the last suspect on Eve's list is hot on her trail. Then her friend Cathrine has found a new suspect Bonnie's father John Gallo.  The catch is, Eve thought that he died in the military.

This opened a flood gate of memories.....causing some tension in her push pull relationship with Joe Quinn.

Will Eve finally bring Bonnie home?  Will she lose Joe?  Will she survive?

My Thoughts.....

I have given years to Eve Duncan.  This story gave me a even better appriciation for her strength and determination.   We get a real glace at Eve's past frankly what makes Eve, Eve.  We also get to met Bonnie's conflicted Father.  I enjoyed the ride thoroughly.  I will say that Joe quinn gets on my nerves.  I get he loves Eve whole-heartedly but I so would not be able to deal with such an over bearing personality.  I don't know maybe in July's Joe Quinn novel I will gain a new apprication but I doubt it.  So I say, Iris Johanssen delivers as normal!  I don't think you will ever hear me give her a bad review.

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