Monday, July 18, 2011


Quick Plot Run Through........

Joe Quinn lies in a dark haze on the border of the there after.  He knows that Eve needs him after all the killer of her daughter Bonnie is still out there.  The question is can he fight his way back to the world if the living?  Will he avenge Bonnie's death after all these long years? 

My Thoughts......

After reading Eve the first book of this trilogy, I was hoping for a reason that Eve loves Joe so much.  Well I got it.  We get to peer back in time and work through the beginning in Joe's mind.  He is fierce and it gave me a new perspective on why he acts irrational when it comes to Eve sometimes.

On another note....I thoroughly enjoyed the time that was spent with Cathrine Ling on the hunt for John Gallo and Vice Versa.  You never expect to route for a character that maybe a murderer but Iris Johansen pulled it off. The conflict and anguish pore out of the pages and rock you to your core.

This is a must read Trilogy but don't start here.  Go all the way to the beginning with Face of Deception.  Follow the story of Eve, Joe, Jane, Cathrine and so many more complex Characters.  If there was ever an author that can captivate and hold you it is Iris!  I can not wait for Bonnie (due out in October).  If I could hack the mainframe in book heaven I would so do it.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

American Vampire

Quick Plot Run Through.......

Samantha Moon is a Former FBI gone freelance all because she was attacked 6 years ago and turned Vamp.  Not that she would admit it, the world thinks she has a rare condition that keeps her out of the sun.  All except her crazy ex-husband who cheated with his secretary and is now keeping her kids away from her using her vampiness as blackmail. 
As if that isn't enough Sam got a crazy phone call from a little girl being held hostage in need of saving, Fang her chat room love wants to finally meet, Kingsley her Ware love wants some nookie and she has cobwebs it's been so long and her Son is sick and only she can cure him or curse him.

My Thoughts.....

I dig this series I read all three books in two days.  Maybe because I am a Mom and so is she.  I can feel her pain when it comes to her kids.  That do anything attitude that Sam carries.  Even though I think I would have been a wee bit bitchier when it came to the ex-husband.  She gives him way to much control.  She is a vampire with kick ass abilities hello use that vampy mojo to convince him to do what you want.  Maybe as the stories progress she will grow into herself a bit more.  On to Kingsley, he's cool in that dark wolfy way but he totally gets off on helping out sickos.  Strike one,two,three in my book.  Then there is Fang the confidant with his own issues.  In a vamps world there are just no good choices in the love department!
I can't wait for the next book just to find out what she decides in regards to her son.  This decision could save her world or end it.  Want to know what I am talking about?  To bad you must read to find out. 

In the end I say this is a good read and a great read for the maternal instinct!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hit List

A Quick Plot Run Through..........

To local law enforcement there is a serial killer on the loose.  Not to Anita Blake and fellow US Marshal Ted Forrester AKA Edward.  They know it is the Harlequin, a secrete Vampire Force over a thousand years old.  Just saying their name is a death sentence.  Especially since they are not working alone the Mother of All Darkness is pulling their strings. Mommy Dearest only wants one thing, to take over Anita's body killing all that are in her path.  It's up to Anita and Edward to figure out how to catch they-who-can-not-be-named and destroy The Mother of All Darkness once and for all. 

My Thoughts........

I love love love Anita Blake!  This was in my opinion one of the best books in the Series.  Anytime Edward is on the scene you are guaranteed a great book.  Anita is growing into herself and it has been so cool to ride through all the changes with her.  She had alot to deal with this time around Mommy Dearest, Pig headed Federal Marshall's, a psycho that wants to love her up in that bloody sort of way, feeding the ardeur, and just being away from home.  This book was kick ass from the first page to the last.  The only disappointment was knowing I have to wait a while to drink the next one down!

Smooches to Laurell K Hamilton!  This is why she is a #1 NY Times bestselling author!

Friday, June 3, 2011


Quick Plot Run Through.......

Eve Duncan world class forensic sculpter is on a journey to find her daughter Bonnie's killer.  She has exaughsted almost every avenue in past stories.  Serial killer Paul Black the last suspect on Eve's list is hot on her trail. Then her friend Cathrine has found a new suspect Bonnie's father John Gallo.  The catch is, Eve thought that he died in the military.

This opened a flood gate of memories.....causing some tension in her push pull relationship with Joe Quinn.

Will Eve finally bring Bonnie home?  Will she lose Joe?  Will she survive?

My Thoughts.....

I have given years to Eve Duncan.  This story gave me a even better appriciation for her strength and determination.   We get a real glace at Eve's past frankly what makes Eve, Eve.  We also get to met Bonnie's conflicted Father.  I enjoyed the ride thoroughly.  I will say that Joe quinn gets on my nerves.  I get he loves Eve whole-heartedly but I so would not be able to deal with such an over bearing personality.  I don't know maybe in July's Joe Quinn novel I will gain a new apprication but I doubt it.  So I say, Iris Johanssen delivers as normal!  I don't think you will ever hear me give her a bad review.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hard Bitten

Quick Plot Run Through.......

Merit has her hands full....humans have been camping outside of Cadogan House but it's no longer paparazzi it's protesters.  Inside Codogan things between Merit an hottie Ethan Sullivan are still complicated. The mayor of Chicago calls Merit and Ethan to a meeting and tells them there are vamp attacks going on. So it's clean it up or Ethan in Shackles.

My Thoughts.......

I was enjoying myself reading this.  Merit is Merit....Ethan is Ethan and they have a kick ass dynamic.  I dig that they are a couple that doesn't fall in love and it's roses from there on out. There is real story here, it has twist and turns you don't figure it out in the beginning and wait for Merit to catch up to you.  That being said I am speechless when it comes to the ending chapters of this book.  Ouch!  Still I categorize it as a must read!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

City of Fallen Angels

Quick Plot Run Through.......

The Mortal War is over, and sixteen-year-old Clary Fray is back home, training to become a Shadowhunter and to use her unique power. She has Jace as her boyfriend not as her brother.  Her mother is getting married to the love of her life. Downworlders and Shadowhunters have called a truce. All should be right in the world.  But, something strange is going down Jace is avoiding her, Shadow Hunters are being murdered, there was a dead baby found that reminded Clary way to much of her dead demonic brother. Clary's best friend, Simon, can't help her this time either. He is feeling guilty juggling two girlfriends, his mother freaked when she found out he was a vampire.  He found himself homeless. Not to mention the Mark of Cain that is attracting all types of Nasty.

Who's killing the Shadow Hunters and what does Clary, Jace and Simon have to do with it?

My Thoughts.....

Let's just start by saying I was a big fan of the Immortal Instruments Series.  When it ended I was sad but content.  Then I hear that there is a forth book coming ahhhh excitement must preorder.  Time passes I open my front door and pick up that smiley face box.  I crack the cover like a kid on Christmas.  I read and read some more but then my thoughts start to wander....never a good thing.  "Now concentrate Adrian"  So read read some more.  Then I realized the problem I'm bored, Jace lost his wit, Clary's just whiny and can we be going through the same story line again? As for Simon well his story was the only thing that kept me reading.  When I closed the back cover I was actually a bit pissed off.  My advice skip this book!  Pretend that there was never a book 4.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tangled Threads

Quick Plot Run Through........

Gin Blanco restaurant owner by day, retired assassin by night is back in the forth installment of the Elemental Assassin Series.  Gin has her sight set on the destruction the ruthless Fire elemental Mab Monroe one minion at a time. There is just a few obstacles in the way.  Elecktra LaFleur armed with deadly electrical elemental powers has been brought to put an end Gin aka "The Spider" once and for all.  Troubling?  Maybe but, the hardest thing Gin faces is her own sister Bria and the reciprocation's of Truth. 

My Thoughts......(spoilers for previous books in the series)

I always enjoy a good visit to Ashland.  Gin is a complex character with quite a story to tell....So we all know that Gin had a thing for the Copper Donavan Caine in previous reads and he couldn't get down with the assassin thing yada yada.  But from what I remember they had a fling not a relationship that was refereed to again and again. Yeah it hurt Gin but girl get your head on straight and don't look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to Grayson. Who is just a cool cat may I say. I wish Gin would follow through on more of her thoughts.  She has patience yes but she is still timid.  I like Finningan Lane and I like the banter that goes on....keeps me cracking a smile as the pages turn. One issue I do have....I get we all need recaps here and there but it was a bit much.  Less copy paste was needed.  Sorry harsh but true.
Overall.......A great story underneath that keeps you reading.  I will totally stop back in Ashland for a visit.