Friday, April 29, 2011

Tangled Threads

Quick Plot Run Through........

Gin Blanco restaurant owner by day, retired assassin by night is back in the forth installment of the Elemental Assassin Series.  Gin has her sight set on the destruction the ruthless Fire elemental Mab Monroe one minion at a time. There is just a few obstacles in the way.  Elecktra LaFleur armed with deadly electrical elemental powers has been brought to put an end Gin aka "The Spider" once and for all.  Troubling?  Maybe but, the hardest thing Gin faces is her own sister Bria and the reciprocation's of Truth. 

My Thoughts......(spoilers for previous books in the series)

I always enjoy a good visit to Ashland.  Gin is a complex character with quite a story to tell....So we all know that Gin had a thing for the Copper Donavan Caine in previous reads and he couldn't get down with the assassin thing yada yada.  But from what I remember they had a fling not a relationship that was refereed to again and again. Yeah it hurt Gin but girl get your head on straight and don't look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to Grayson. Who is just a cool cat may I say. I wish Gin would follow through on more of her thoughts.  She has patience yes but she is still timid.  I like Finningan Lane and I like the banter that goes on....keeps me cracking a smile as the pages turn. One issue I do have....I get we all need recaps here and there but it was a bit much.  Less copy paste was needed.  Sorry harsh but true.
Overall.......A great story underneath that keeps you reading.  I will totally stop back in Ashland for a visit. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Demon Song

Quick Plot Run Through......

The Duo known as Cat Admas has delivered again.  Celia Graves is back!  Part Siren, Semi-Vamp and all around bad ass bodyguard has her hands full.  Of mage spelled blades that is.  Celia is facing the mother load of Demons causing a hell of a nasty rift.  All the while juggling her best-friends' post breakdowns, her Grandmother/Mother's issues, and some powerfully hot men vying for her......well her.

My Thoughts.......

This was a quick read that left me wanting more.  I am such a sucker for kick-ass female leads to relate with.  It is so much fun to travel to a world of excitement and not feel it when you get shot or the crap kicked out of you.  Not to mention reminiscing in the single life.  If it where me bye-bye Bruno and hello John Creede.  But hey I can hold one Hell of a grudge. All in all Celia leaves you with a smile on your face.

In the Pipeline..... 

Next Up is Tangled Threads.....can't wait Gin Blanco here I come. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pale Demon

Quick Plot Run Through.....

Rachel is waiting on the Witch's Convention to seal her fate which leads to one hell of a road trip......A1 is earning a soft spot even though he started most of the problems Rachel has faced and is still facing (Dare I say I have empathy for A1) Newt is not as crazy as we think.....Trent Good Guy Bad Decisions unleashing the meanest Demon yet?

My Thoughts....
Another awe inspiring book by Kim Harrison.  She by far has one of my most favorite imaginations.  Rachel is faced with a reality in this book and she handles it with grace.   Jenks and Ivy are some of the strongest supporting characters written.  I would love a story from either point of view.  Especially Ivy since she is so conflicted and complex.   I want to run and give Big A1 a hug.....I know he is a demon but hey it's not his fault right? Trent I get you but I don't get you....buck up and spit it out!  Kist my eyes still well at your name!  I can't wait for another addition and I miss the Hollows already.  Kudos Kim you rock!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

This Side if the Grave

Quick Plot Run Through......
Cat and Bones are back at it fighting the ghouls.  And who do the go to for aid? guessed it the Voodoo Queen herself.  As always that creates a riddle to solve in order to win a non-existent power struggle. 

My Thoughts.....
Quick read a little lackluster compared to her previous books.  I felt built up and let down by a blah ending.  Feel the plot was a bit redundant and Cat lost some of her oomph! Love Vlad...let's give him the next spin off.  He needs some lovin'.  I am hoping that this was just a build up to her Fall 2011 book that is coming.  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anita or Sookie

When I first read the True Blood Series I thought it doesn't get better then this!  I read them as I read everything back to back it's quite an obsession.  Anyways, the books where great because of the supporting charactures but Sookie got on my nerves and tell me if I am wrong Bill has the personalitity of a wet blanket.  I asked myself through the first few books why in the hell would she want captin no personality?  Now Eric I think anybody would want a piece of him.  That is until you crack open a Laurell K Hamilton Anita books.  Who new women could have wet dreams?  I mean hell I dreamed about Jean Claude for months.   If you don't have a thing to have hot vampire lovin how could you not?? you could always try Richard my lovely brooding werewolf.   Not to mention that Anita is kick ass!  She has an awesome personality and I totally get her way of thinking.  Although I might not handle the whole incubus thing that well.  Big modesty issues to overcome here.  That said when it comes down to it and I was on a never ending airplane trip and I could only have either series to keep me company I would choose drum role please.......Anita!  Thats the Wicked Truth I swear it!!!

P.S. If you haven't read Anita.....First Book "Guilty Pleasures"