Monday, July 18, 2011


Quick Plot Run Through........

Joe Quinn lies in a dark haze on the border of the there after.  He knows that Eve needs him after all the killer of her daughter Bonnie is still out there.  The question is can he fight his way back to the world if the living?  Will he avenge Bonnie's death after all these long years? 

My Thoughts......

After reading Eve the first book of this trilogy, I was hoping for a reason that Eve loves Joe so much.  Well I got it.  We get to peer back in time and work through the beginning in Joe's mind.  He is fierce and it gave me a new perspective on why he acts irrational when it comes to Eve sometimes.

On another note....I thoroughly enjoyed the time that was spent with Cathrine Ling on the hunt for John Gallo and Vice Versa.  You never expect to route for a character that maybe a murderer but Iris Johansen pulled it off. The conflict and anguish pore out of the pages and rock you to your core.

This is a must read Trilogy but don't start here.  Go all the way to the beginning with Face of Deception.  Follow the story of Eve, Joe, Jane, Cathrine and so many more complex Characters.  If there was ever an author that can captivate and hold you it is Iris!  I can not wait for Bonnie (due out in October).  If I could hack the mainframe in book heaven I would so do it.

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  1. Once again Iris has given us a dynamic character in Quinn. Going back from his point of view to see where this all started with him and how he became part of Eve's life. You see Eve's obsession with finding Bonnie, and how Quinn accepts and handles it. But in finding out Quinn's background you also find out what a true warrior he is and how far he will go for Eve.