Friday, April 29, 2011

Tangled Threads

Quick Plot Run Through........

Gin Blanco restaurant owner by day, retired assassin by night is back in the forth installment of the Elemental Assassin Series.  Gin has her sight set on the destruction the ruthless Fire elemental Mab Monroe one minion at a time. There is just a few obstacles in the way.  Elecktra LaFleur armed with deadly electrical elemental powers has been brought to put an end Gin aka "The Spider" once and for all.  Troubling?  Maybe but, the hardest thing Gin faces is her own sister Bria and the reciprocation's of Truth. 

My Thoughts......(spoilers for previous books in the series)

I always enjoy a good visit to Ashland.  Gin is a complex character with quite a story to tell....So we all know that Gin had a thing for the Copper Donavan Caine in previous reads and he couldn't get down with the assassin thing yada yada.  But from what I remember they had a fling not a relationship that was refereed to again and again. Yeah it hurt Gin but girl get your head on straight and don't look a gift horse in the mouth when it comes to Grayson. Who is just a cool cat may I say. I wish Gin would follow through on more of her thoughts.  She has patience yes but she is still timid.  I like Finningan Lane and I like the banter that goes on....keeps me cracking a smile as the pages turn. One issue I do have....I get we all need recaps here and there but it was a bit much.  Less copy paste was needed.  Sorry harsh but true.
Overall.......A great story underneath that keeps you reading.  I will totally stop back in Ashland for a visit. 

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