Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anita or Sookie

When I first read the True Blood Series I thought it doesn't get better then this!  I read them as I read everything back to back it's quite an obsession.  Anyways, the books where great because of the supporting charactures but Sookie got on my nerves and tell me if I am wrong Bill has the personalitity of a wet blanket.  I asked myself through the first few books why in the hell would she want captin no personality?  Now Eric I think anybody would want a piece of him.  That is until you crack open a Laurell K Hamilton Anita books.  Who new women could have wet dreams?  I mean hell I dreamed about Jean Claude for months.   If you don't have a thing to have hot vampire lovin how could you not?? you could always try Richard my lovely brooding werewolf.   Not to mention that Anita is kick ass!  She has an awesome personality and I totally get her way of thinking.  Although I might not handle the whole incubus thing that well.  Big modesty issues to overcome here.  That said when it comes down to it and I was on a never ending airplane trip and I could only have either series to keep me company I would choose drum role please.......Anita!  Thats the Wicked Truth I swear it!!!

P.S. If you haven't read Anita.....First Book "Guilty Pleasures"

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  1. First, I would like to sincerely give many thanks for recommending the many books and series you have turned me onto! I hope that you will expand and continue your posts on each of these series so that your guests and followers learn of these epic tales and of the authors who create them for us. Your passion for both is gripping and I find I cannot wait for you to come upon the next best series to pass along!
    To comment on the current Sookie vs Anita…well the two women in themselves are as different as can be (though both with a sassisness a fellow sassy girl can appreciate) To me Its sort of like Buffy vs Faith – I adored Buffy (Am faithful until the end) but there was something dark and somewhat lovely about Faith. Sookie the southern Belle with an “Im not afraid of you vampire” attitude is endearing but predictable while Anita’s just all around bad ass – yet realistic attitude is more appealing and relatable. You get to see her meld into the lifestyle and lets just say it sexuality of the vampire lifestyle….and there is nothing more appealing then vampires and sex and she dives in head first with us along with her! We have weres in both but Hamilton outdoes herself with the intricacies involved in their dynamics and entanglement within the supernatural world. The men alone are entirely more appealing and let’s just face it – more to choose from. Bill or Eric – hello??? ERIC!!!! Sam – sorry too whiny – cute but whiney. Vs Hamilton’s Richard, Jason, Jean Claude, Micah, Nathaniel, random vamp 1, 2, 3, 4 random were 1, 2, 3, 4 need I say more?! You are a JC fan, I am a Richard fan….hands down. No contest. Aside from the vast men Hamilton continues to dish out page turning story after story, teeth clenching – holy shit moments and they leave you reeling for the next book? PS when is it due out?? Sookie is great entertainment and I’ll continue to follow on HBO as they seem to have started their own story line a bit just to see where it turns out but Anita rules the roost on this comparison.
    Quite a long way from our original favorite series…Twilight which will always remain near and dear as the first series you turned me onto…and they just keep getting BETTER!.....Please blog on CAT next!