Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pale Demon

Quick Plot Run Through.....

Rachel is waiting on the Witch's Convention to seal her fate which leads to one hell of a road trip......A1 is earning a soft spot even though he started most of the problems Rachel has faced and is still facing (Dare I say I have empathy for A1) Newt is not as crazy as we think.....Trent Good Guy Bad Decisions unleashing the meanest Demon yet?

My Thoughts....
Another awe inspiring book by Kim Harrison.  She by far has one of my most favorite imaginations.  Rachel is faced with a reality in this book and she handles it with grace.   Jenks and Ivy are some of the strongest supporting characters written.  I would love a story from either point of view.  Especially Ivy since she is so conflicted and complex.   I want to run and give Big A1 a hug.....I know he is a demon but hey it's not his fault right? Trent I get you but I don't get you....buck up and spit it out!  Kist my eyes still well at your name!  I can't wait for another addition and I miss the Hollows already.  Kudos Kim you rock!!!

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